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What have some of our clients had to say?

Well here is what one client said...
Before attending counselling I was so nervous about the prospect of talking to somebody I didn’t know about the pain I was feeling. I was stuck in a spiral of negative thinking and couldn’t see a way out of it, In my eyes it was just how I was and I couldn’t imagine my life any other way. I was suffering with anxiety and low self esteem, without the confidence to tell anybody about it for the fear of being judged.

After taking counselling sessions with Nina, I can truly say that I now know I have the tools to prepare me with whatever comes my way. With her understanding nature and kind support I finally had the courage to deal with my insecurities and emotions. The worksheets and techniques really do work, a completely new approach to me in the beginning but one that is made everything clearer to me. The whole process has allowed me look at myself and life with a different perspective.

Thank you so much Nina for introducing me to a new way of thinking, I finally see the positive change in myself.

And another client said...
"It was not an easy decision for me to seek counselling and I approached it with a great deal of trepidation. However, I am very glad that I found Nina, her calm and professional demeanour is very reassuring. Over many months Nina's insightful approach and warm and empathetic manner helped me address the problems that led me to seek therapy.

Nina's comprehensive approach helped me to reevaluate and make changes in many different areas of my life. I feel that the process gave me psychological self sufficiency."

And another...
I found Ava in a Google search and thank goodness I did. I had no idea what to expect as Ihad never felt I needed a councillor before infact I thought I was probably the last person to need one but realize now I probably, should have got some professional help sooner. Family and friends tried but admitted they were out of their depth.

I was going through a particularly extended and difficult period involving a great deal of family angst and wasn’t dealing with it well or felt able to move on. I was apprehensive but the first appointment was easy to make once I had contacted Nina via e-mail. It took a couple of sessions to explain the problem and cover the back-ground but I immediately felt relaxed enough to convey my distress, anger and confusion to Nina. She wasn’t phased by lots of tears and there was always a box of tissues handy. She helped me through a couple of crisis points and by listening and gently probing fairly quickly began to tease out some of the issues as she saw them. She was completely non-judgemental and didn’t tend to give me solutions to specific issues but instead made suggestions or guided me to try to find the answers for myself. Her patience was endless. There was homework in between sessions which took several forms (podcasts, reading handout and sometimes just thinking and making notes) as well as making some time for myself to practice some relaxation techniques at home. I wasn’t always the model client but I did try as realised it was important. We also worked on building up my self- confidence again as it had taken a bit of a bashing. Over time Nina helped me to make some sense out of a very difficult situation where I had previously felt I was completely floundering. I think she saved my relationship with certain family members very close to me which although now different are once again enjoyable and have a future .
I have a lot more understanding now and feel a lot more in control of this situation but as a bonus ,in my life and relationships generally.

Thank you so much Nina.

A very relieved ,wiser and grateful client.