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Why AvA and the Dragonfly?

Why AvA?
We chose the name ‘AvA’ because it is short, to the point and we liked it.

As to the point… AvA has origins in many cultures and has many meanings, including ‘breath of life’ ‘voice’ ‘fly away’ and ‘desired’.

For us it relates to offering you a voice, a space where you can be heard and appreciated. Interestingly AvA was also the name of a 9th Century Princess who was miraculously cured of blindness. So, metaphorically, we hope to help you ‘see’ better, so you can make the best choices for yourself going forwards and live, really live, and enjoy life.

And The Dragonfly?
We chose the dragonfly as our logo because it is representative of so much that is relevant to our work.

This beautiful insect has many remarkable attributes, including its ability to fly in all six directions, at great speed and with enormous efficiency. It also has the rare quality of 360 degree vision!

It is also associated with many things in many cultures. In Japan the dragonfly symbolizes ‘new light’, ‘joy’, ‘victory’, ‘power’ and ‘agility’ and it is the symbol of the Samurai warriors. In China, the dragonfly is associated with both ‘prosperity’ and ‘harmony’ and as such is regarded a good luck charm. To Native Americans it signifies ‘happiness’, ‘purity’ and ‘speed’. For the ‘Mayan’ the dragonfly it is of particular relevance being the emblem of ‘Ix Chel’, goddess of creativity, for legend has it that the dragonfly revived her when she was close to death.

Through the work that we will do at AvA, we aim is to offer you the life skills and resources that will help you to have sufficient strength and versatility to better meet life’s challenges.